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Separate, while working together for the betterment of yourself and your family. Save money, time, fighting and a courtroom. We are here to help you plan your separation and guide you through your divorce. Let us help you separate in a healthy, private, and cost-efficient way that allows you and your spouse to be in control not a Judge.

Don’t let a Judge and courtroom control your financial future, your children’s lives, or what divorce will look like for you. You can make your separation and divorce amicable. You may be mad, hurt, or frustrated with your partner or spouse but, know that it is still possible to work together through competent legal counsel who can assist. You can make the choice to put aside your differences and choose to focus your energy and feelings in a different way that leads to reaching an agreement. The collaborative settlement process can avoid further conflict and stress as compared to a traditional divorce lawsuit and litigation in a courtroom over a prolonged period of time.

It may seem impossible to work together for your situation but, with commitment, an open mind and competent legal advice, a collaborative divorce and settlement out of court can work for all couples who put their minds to it. Let us help guide you through your separation and divorce.

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We seek to reduce the stress of conflict between couples and the emotions that are inherent with separating and uncoupling.


Simply Divorced NC is here to assist with guiding you through the process of separation in a collaborative approach without Court. Our law firm is here to provide you legal advice to make the best choices for you and your future without litigation.

Invest in yourself by setting up a consultation appointment today with Simply Divorced NC to ensure you are making the best decisions as you navigate forward in your divorce. Learn about the collaborative divorce process and the options for settlement out of Court in a private, less contentious setting. This process is beneficial to couples who are looking to preserve their working relationship with one another. It also helps to resolve disputes without the time, headache, and expense of costly protracted litigation.

Schedule a Consultation with Attorney Lisa H. Fitzpatrick today!  A Consultation appointment will allow you to get your questions answered and will help ease the anxiety you may be feeling about taking that next step in your decision to separate and divorce. A consultation appointment will also ensure you receive the appropriate legal advice for your matter and provide the resources for a healthy and efficient separation and/or divorce.

The goal is to keep your separation and divorce as stress-free as possible. We not only provide you with legal advice but, also focus on your overall well-being, personal growth, and positive mind-set. We provide you keys for goal-setting for your future. You are not alone in this process. We understand it can be a roller-coaster of feelings and emotions and are here to support you. Let us help you successfully separate so you can move forward to be the best version of you that you deserve.