Why Choose Simply Divorced NC?



Why Choose Simply Divorced NC with Attorney Lisa Hennessy Fitzpatrick:

Our law firm advocates for your separation and divorce to be done in a peaceful, private, healthy, and collaborative approach so that you can avoid the “battles of Court”.  Attorney Lisa H. Fitzpatrick is an experienced litigation lawyer who knows firsthand the lasting effect and impact contested lawsuits can have on a person, family, and children. Let us help you avoid Court and litigation while still protecting your assets, children, property, and future. Our family law firm is unique in that we are here to counsel you to aid in your understanding of the separation process while also helping you navigate this emotional stage of your life. The knowledge you gain from Simply Divorced NC will allow you to be more confident in your next steps and making informed decisions and choices for your future.

We place a high emphasis and value on a couples’ commitment to settlement out of court and collaborating with the other party and other trained professionals to craft a unique tailored agreement that is best for you and your family.

Let us help you shift your focus and mind-set towards this next chapter and transition in your life. You may feel that you are stuck and trapped right now. You may have feelings of anxiety about how you are going to get through this difficult time in your life. We understand the feelings of sadness, loneliness, guilt, brokenness, heartache, and yes, even anger that accompanies separation and divorce. Remember, separation and divorce can be the beginning of a NEW YOU!  Separation and Divorce are the beginning of a new life and identity.  It is a time to restart and refresh your life. It is about HOW you choose to separate and divorce that will begin the path towards the next stage in your life. We can help you heal and move forward.

We seek to reduce the stress of conflict between couples and the emotions that are inherent with separating and uncoupling.

We assist in putting together a “Divorce Guide” to help you focus on what is truly important. We are here to provide legal advice on how to negotiate better with your partner and/or spouse, so that you can come to an amicable, peaceful, and fair resolution without stepping foot into a courtroom.

The information and legal advice we provide to you about separation and divorce will help guide you to the next chapter in your life. You will learn the skills to maintain a positive, working relationship with your ex. Let us show you how to move forward in a dignified and respectful manner so that you can be Simply Divorced!

We encourage working together and making a commitment to negotiation rather than confrontation and litigation in a courtroom. Yes, you are still going through separation and a divorce which is not easy but, with commitment and dedication from both sides it does not have to be you VERSUS the other party. With the right state of mind and a willingness to compromise you can go about your separation and divorce in a healthier way.

We believe one of the secrets for a healthy and successful divorce is the team and resources that you surround yourself with.

Learn how to separate and divorce in a positive way so that you can come out of all of this a stronger, more confident and empowered person. Be an example for your children, friends, and family showing them that separation and divorce does not have to be an ugly, knock-out, drag-out fight! You do not have to have a high-conflict divorce. The collaborative process and settlement out of court can truly be a better way forward for your life as you separate. Contact Simply Divorced NC today to learn more!