Attorney Lisa Hennessy Fitzpatrick

Divorce and family law attorney, certified family financial mediator, and an experienced litigation family law attorney.



About Attorney Lisa Hennessy Fitzpatrick

Attorney Lisa H. Fitzpatrick is a recognized divorce and family law attorney, certified family financial mediator, and an experienced litigation family law attorney. She is dedicated and passionate about helping individuals and families through separation and divorce.  Attorney Lisa H. Fitzpatrick has focused her legal career almost exclusively on family law litigation for the last decade. She strives to be the best attorney possible for each client no matter how big or small the matter. She devotes the necessary time to each client’s case. Mrs. Fitzpatrick is now sharing her experience and knowledge to help you navigate your separation and divorce in a different, better way forward so that you can be Simply Divorced!

She is a trained collaborative divorce attorney and has completed specialized training in the collaborative divorce model to assist with settlement.  Attorney Lisa H. Fitzpatrick has training and experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods and is here to help you solve and resolve conflicts outside of a courtroom!


We want to assist you in identifying a settlement agreement that is defined by you on your terms!

Separation & Divorce Consultant, Counselor, & Lawyer

Contact us today to be your Separation & Divorce Consultant, Counselor, & Lawyer. To make good decisions you need to plan ahead, research, get legal advice, and thoroughly think about the decision to end your relationship and/or marriage and the best way forward for yourself, children, and family. By doing this, you will be able to think more clearly, be more confident in your decision to separate, and ease the transition as you proceed forward.

Simply Divorced NC helps you plan and navigate for an amicable separation and divorce. We provide the resources, referrals, and networks to assist during this transition as you go from one household to two. We help you plan and are your confidential sounding board during what can be a stressful and emotional time.

You may feel you hit rock bottom and never imagined you would be reaching out to a lawyer for separation and divorce but, you will get through it and we can assist you.

Our law firm prioritizes peace, communication, and working towards a fair resolution in a more relaxed atmosphere and environment. Divorce and separation are already stressful enough and parties who commit to resolving their differences out of court will avoid the added layer of litigation.